lunes, 18 de junio de 2007

The despoiling of the American Mind

Publicado con permiso explícito de Peter McLaren

The American mind is a turbulent canister of contradictions:
A blood-splotched Guantanamo prison cell floating delicately on a lotus pond,
An unkempt bedroom strewn with silk undergarments
Where truth sits in comfortable exile,
A victim of extraordinary rendition stuffed into the drawer of an adolescent's bed
Covered in locomotive quilting from Pottery Barn Kids,
A space-age panopticon of worldwide "humanitarian" surveillance
That's put the Muslim world on 24-hour suicide watch -- after first driving it insane,
A dank paternity-ward incubator crammed with the corporate war-party
Planning genocidal assaults against the next group of evil-doers,
An unexploded cluster bomblet in a Wedgewood Jasper vase,
A Norman Rockwell painting mounted in an overflowing septic tank,
Einstein's brain powering up Dick Cheney's bedside reading lamp,
Jesus's soul recharging the sand-encrusted battery of a disabled Hummer,
A decomposed rat lying in state on the Lincoln catafalque in the Capital Rotunda,
Blake's golden string wound into a ball
Lodged in Rove's rectal wall.

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